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Roll And Shaft Manufacturing

Dia: Ø1.400mm, Length: 8.000mm, max. work piece weight : up to 25tons.
Turbine rotor shaft manufacturing ( up to 25 tons ).
Back-up roll, Work roll, Support roll, Cradle roll, Deflector roll, Looper roll, Gate roll, Tension roll, Bridle roll, Pinch roll, Roll Feeder roll, Brushing roll, Wringer roll, Forming roll , Guide roll, Preformer roll, Levelling roll, Table roll, etc. And also some special designed shafts, shafts for coilers and uncoilers, shafts for slitting lines and shafts for mandrels.

Special kind of Rolls:

  • Forged rolls  (1050, 1055, 1060, 4140, 4130, C22, 30Mn5 , 36 CrNiMo 16 etc.) 
  • Casting rolls 
  • Welded rolls
  • Polyurethane coated rolls, Hypolan coated rolls
  • Rubber coated and Patterned rolls
  • Chrome coated rolls
  • Tungsten carbide coated rolls
Roll And Shaft Manufacturing

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