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Our Environmental Policy

Our company is a leading company that manufactures Machines and Machinery Spare Parts in the field of production. The environmental and energy policy we explain here covers all activities that directly or indirectly affect products, production, marketing and sales processes.

We see the environment as a valuable treasure to be exploited and believe that it should be protected in the best possible way so that the whole world can benefit in the future.

We are committed to realizing the conditions that will provide the highest level of contribution we can make to our company's Environmental Policy, company goals and a livable environment. That's why our policy;

  • To meet and even exceed the relevant environmental and energy legislation requirements,
  • Working to continuously improve environmental and energy management systems,
  • Minimizing waste, preventing pollution at its source, using energy efficiently and reducing the negative effects of our activities on the environment,
  • To protect the environment and to spread this principle all around us, the country and the world,
  • Identifying and reducing risks for environmental emergencies,
  • To develop employees and stakeholders by providing awareness-raising trainings on environmental awareness and efficient use of energy,
  • To provide the necessary human resources, technology and financial resources to reduce our impact on the environment and to use energy efficiently,
  • To carry out energy efficiency projects to reduce greenhouse gases arising from production activities and to carry out activities to increase the use of renewable energy sources,
  • To raise awareness and encourage our suppliers and stakeholders on green economy and energy efficiency studies.

In line with our commitments above, our main goals and objectives are;

  • To reduce and prevent air and water pollution, leaks and spills and noise as much as possible,
  • To reduce the use of packaging, to ensure that the packaging is recyclable and to reuse,
  • To ensure efficient use of energy and materials and to continuously improve our energy performance,
  • Keeping the Environmental Factors arising from the activities of our stakeholders under control,
  • Keeping and minimizing the Environmental Factors related to new products to be produced in the future or new processes and activities to be developed, preferring energy efficient technologies and applications,
  • To carry out energy efficiency projects for the efficient use of energy and to carry out activities that will increase the use of renewable energy sources,
  • To provide energy efficient products and services in production and in all our processes.
  • To ensure full compliance with national and international environmental legislation in all our activities.
  • This policy, committed and implemented by our company, will be announced to all our employees and also to all persons working on behalf of our company, and is open to the public and third parties.

You can directly report all your suggestions, notifications, requests and complaints about the Environmental Practices of our company to our address info@nurismetal.com.tr and to our phone number +90 372 378 1680.